Mechanical processing

Mechanical processes such as milling of solids and centrifugation of fluids involve high centrifugal forces. In addition to these high forces, the processing equipment has to be able to withstand attacks by corrosive fluids and abrasive media throughout the life cycle of the mill or centrifuge.

Thanks to our wide range of alloys, we can supply castings specifically for these applications. Our high-precision machining capabilities ensure that the cast components perform reliably even at high speed and with high centrifugal forces acting on them.


Industrial grading centrifuges are charged with several tons of material. They operate at speeds of several hundred or even thousand rpm. Consequently, the equipment is subjected to extreme mechanical loading.

Corrosion-resistant duplex steels are often the casting material of choice here. Their austenitic-ferritic structure gives this stainless steel family the technological properties necessary for these highly demanding applications, namely, high ductility combined with high resistance to corrosion. We also specialize in thick-walled castings – reaching the limits of what is physically and technologically possible – with these high-performance steels.


We produce castings for grinding mills in a wide range of industries such as food, paints, environmental treatment and recycling. Our products are used to process materials of extreme hardness. Thanks to their extraordinary wear resistance, the components we supply operate extremely accurately and reliably over long service lives.

An example: A round, thin-walled component of about 1,500 mm in diameter features the high wear resistance and hardness necessary in grinding mills