Industrial fittings, valves and pumps

Industrial valves and pump housings subjected to high in-service stresses have to be made of special wear- and corrosion-resistant alloys. At the same time, these alloys have to be able to withstand high pressures.

We produce high-capacity valves and fittings in high-performance iron-, nickel- and cobalt-based alloys with wall thicknesses up to the physically possible maximum.

Our portfolio

We advise our customers on choosing the most suitable material for each specific application. For example:

For the chemical, oil and gas industries, we manufacture valve components, such as plugs, faucet housings and tilting discs for check valves with nominal diameters of up to 2,000 mm, that possess outstanding anti-corrosion properties.

Pump components that convey hot and corrosive media or sludges that cause corrosive-abrasive wear have to be highly resistant to both corrosion and wear.

Castings for components used deep below sea level have to be able to withstand high pressures and be resistant to corrosion.

All these products have one thing in common: They are made of highly specialized alloys, using more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, profound scientific knowledge and hands-on experience. All this guarantees maximum quality.


In mining, sludges have to be conveyed over long distances. Heavy-duty diaphragm pumps used for this task have to be resistant to both corrosion and abrasive wear. For these pumps, we produce cast housings with wall thicknesses of up to 400 mm, and up to 250 mm in the case of duplex steels. Our duplex grades have proved highly successful under mining conditions: They guarantee excellent in-service properties, such as ultra-high resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical stability combined with outstanding wear resistance.

Chemical plants

Needless to say, components and systems used in chemical plants have to be resistant to corrosion. However, equipment used in the transport of gases, including in the liquid state, has to provide more than that: Our castings for use in gas transport come with additional quality features, such as very smooth, pore-free surfaces.

We always design the castings with a view to the challenges of the specific application. These may include high pressures, corrosive environments and high or low temperatures. We constantly aim to achieve maximum process security to ensure compliance with the required quality standards and a long service life for our cast components.