Environmental protection and safety at work

As an energy-intensive company, we are aware of our ecological responsibility and feel strongly obliged to save natural resources as best as possible. Working with molten metals and complex machinery requires a great deal of responsibility from our employees.

With our integrated management system, which is accessible to all our employees, we rigorously pursue the implementation of all applicable and useful environmental protection and safety measures.

We have already had an environmental management system in place that complies with DIN ISO 14001 standard since 2013. We work with third-party experts to take all measures necessary to adapt our company to changing sustainability requirements.

Foundries were the earliest recycling companies in history: When a casting has reached the end of its lifecycle, it is melted down again and returned to a perpetual material cycle.

Saving resources

The way we recover heat from our furnaces and continuously optimize our processes is exemplary in our industry. We work intensively on making our equipment and processes CO2-neutral in close cooperation with industrial plants specialists within the OTTO JUNKER group.

We extract the heat contained in the exhaust air from the casting shops and use it to heat our manufacturing facilities. We ensure that only micro-filtered air is released to the atmosphere.

Recycling instead of buying new

Our production also meets the requirements of an efficient circular economy. In our foundry, we operate almost exclusively with used sand that we recycle many times over. We use virgin sand only when it is absolutely unavoidable for quality reasons, e.g., when the recycled sand could have a negative effect on the alloy.

Effective waste prevention

Thanks to our commitment to rigorously avoiding waste, we are continuously reducing our environmental footprint. We sort and return more than 96 percent of unavoidable production waste to the recycling loop. We owe this high recycling rate to our smart waste collection system.

Staying below emission limits

All casting activities that may have an impact on the environment are performed in closed buildings. Our top priority is to avoid dust wherever possible. Our highly effective exhaust air processing and filtration systems achieve far better emission values than the applicable standards and limits.

Successful cooperation

Our environmental management system has been certified to DIN ISO 14001 since 2013. We work very closely with the authorities in all matters of environmental protection and continuously document our emissions with certified detectors. The responsible regional government regularly confirms that we operate at a very high environmental protection level. This is also proved by the fact that we are allowed to operate our facilities within a drinking water protection zone.

Work safety

Foundry processes generate extremely high temperatures: The combination of molten metal and extreme heat creates a high-risk working environment. Because we use the latest protective equipment, which provides even better protection than currently required by law, we create safe and healthy workplaces for our employees.

We have implemented a comprehensive safety management system to prevent hazardous situations from occurring in the first place and work closely with on-site occupational safety and medical experts to make the system as effective as possible.