Food industry

Equipment used in the food industry has to comply with very exacting standards. A critical factor is the surface quality of the components. Foodstuffs must not get stuck to rough surfaces or chemically react with the surface material during processing. The latter is particularly relevant for acidic and alkaline foodstuffs. To ensure reliable and safe processes, the equipment has to be manufactured with the utmost precision.

For decades, we have supplied cast components made of stainless steel alloys to customers in the beverage industry. These components are supplied ready-to-install and can be up to 6,000 mm in diameter and 7,600 t in weight. With maximum surface roughness of Ra 0.4, these components comply with the highest applicable hygiene standards to ensure optimal cleaning of the components under production conditions.

Filling lines

Our vessels made of stainless steel rings are important components in bottling lines for high-viscosity foodstuffs, beverages and other fluids. They comply with the European pressure vessel directive. Each vessel is subject to approval by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) before shipment.