The name Otto Junker is synonymous worldwide with high expertise in metal casting and machining.

In the company name Otto Junker CM GmbH, “CM” stands for Casting and Machining. Our decades of experience in casting high-alloy metals and machining metal parts enable us to produce components for exacting uses. We cover the entire value chain from component design through to modules that are ready to be installed.

Our work focuses on the production of complex, sophisticated components for machinery and plants that have to be able to operate reliably under the most challenging conditions.

We know the exacting conditions the components we produce have to perform under from the long-standing relationships with our customers. These include extreme pressures and forces, which mean that the components have to be highly resistant to wear, corrosion and/or heat.




Living up to the highest customer requirements

Customer relations that last for decades prove that we supply excellent quality on a continuous and dependable basis. This is, to a large extent, due to our sincere, open, honest and solution-oriented way of communicating.


For the most extraordinary uses

Otto Junker CM is one of only a very few foundries that boast long-standing experience in an exceptionally wide and varied range of alloys.

Our specialties include our Junkeralloy® range of special alloys, which can be used instead of various wrought alloys, and the casting of customized iron-, nickel- and cobalt-based alloys. We also optimize and develop tailor-made alloys for unique applications. For this, we make consistent use of the latest scientific findings, guaranteeing lasting top performance of the components we supply

Before designing a component, the chemical and physical properties of the alloy must be known and well understood. We use this unique expertise in metals and alloys along the entire value chain.


The perfect alloy

We are experts in high-alloy metal melting, both under atmospheric conditions and vacuum. We control the melting process with a high degree of precision to obtain alloys that possess the metallurgical properties, such as carbon and gas content, necessary to produce castings that boast exactly the technological features required for the specific application.


Complex-shaped, thick-walled components

We adjust our casting and heat treatment processes not only to the specific component geometry, but also to the great variety of special alloys we process, e.g. duplex-steel castings with wall thicknesses of up to 250 mm.

We cast components from just a few grams up to 14 t of gross weight. Our hand-molded castings have diameters of up to 6,000 mm.


Outstanding precision

We also use our expertise gained in finish-machining our cast components to perform machining services for large aluminum components that have to comply with particularly exacting tolerance requirements. We machine these components with an accuracy down to 30 µm.

Due to the high quality of our products and our dependability as a supplier, customers from industries such as semi-conductor, food and environmental technology have called on us for more than 20 years as their key supplier for complex machine components.